Integrative Management Solutions understand that each client’s challenges are as unique as the businesses’ goals. Our solutions address the unique aspects of these challenges, which are focused on sustainability, optimizing resources, and operational excellence. The outcome will lead to the efficiency and effectiveness of the client’s operations.


Integrative Management Solutions offers affordable services. Our consulting rates for most businesses, governments, and nonprofit organizations are based on needs identified during the initial consultation. Consulting rates for nonprofit organizations are based on a sliding scale according to the organization's budget size.


Contact us via email or phone to discuss your needs. Each consultation begins with a conversation that identifies what you want to accomplish, describes the types of services Integrative Management Solutions provides, and ends with recommended services and applicable rates. For short-term or simple projects, Integrative Management Solutions will provide a proposal for your consideration. For long-term or extensive projects, Integrative Management Solutions will work with you to develop a scope of work and provide a proposal for your consideration. There is no charge for initial consultation.

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