Integrative Management Solutions, LLC, is a strategic management and professional services consulting firm helping businesses achieve more efficient results. We provide solutions to address management challenges to ensure operational efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. From identifying the underlying issue through information gathering and analysis, recommendations and implementation, we stay with you until you are satisfied with the outcome of your solution. Our affordable management solutions are designed to be implemented immediately and stand the test of time.



Collaborating with client to make sound choices among a range of operational and strategic management tools customized to clients to make appropriate choices.


Identification of the nature and cause of a problem; use of wide range of interventions to address the nature and cause of a problem and adaptions fitted to make change possible.



Comparing possible courses of action and assessing available information, applying relevant criteria. Making realistic judgement and decisions based on such assessments.



Engage and leverage expertise of network to research and define client issues, generate innovative, sustainable solutions. Solutions are client-specific, developed and tailored based on client’s ability to implement.

We help businesses and organizations be more productive and profitable by bringing clarity to their people and processes.



We conduct business with strong ethics and values with a zero tolerance policy for unethical behavior.

Constant Improvement

Good is not good enough. We drive change with vigor. We stalk our results to ensure continued success. 


The environment at IMS is open and candor. We believe, only a candid discussion and dialogue can bring innovative ideas forward. There are no hierarchies, there are no boundaries.


We believe when values are practiced in true letter and spirit it enables IMS to deliver excellence to our clients. 


We are passionate about delivering the best value to our clients. We have an unyielding drive to succeed.


Trustworthiness and dependability in all aspects of our operations are the cornerstone of our services and clients. All can rely on us to fulfill our mission without fail every day.


At every level of our firm, we are accountable to our clients, staff, and the public – with unwavering integrity of management services.


Dr. Drena Valentine is a Strategic and Operations Management Expert with over 25 years' experience in strengthening businesses through leadership and management skill development. Dr. Valentine is an expert at analyzing business processes, strategic planning, change management, and developing strategies and managing priorities to align with business goals and objectives. Schooled and experienced in mastering leadership through theories and concepts, business writing, and communications, Dr. Valentine believes that learning is a lifelong essential process and contributes to the knowledge and skills of business leaders through training, mentoring, and coaching. Dr. Valentine is uniquely qualified with skills to ensure effective strategic communication, leading and managing organizations, executing concepts and ideas, knowledge of multiple project management methodologies, and facilitate accountability, buy-in, and change. Described as a "go-getter," Dr. Valentine is a results-oriented leader with effective business acumen skills and strategic vision resulting in operational excellence.

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